3-reel machine: machines for everyone

People who like to play machines having 3 lines (3 drum slots) type Singles Bandit appreciate them for simplicity of operation and reference to retro climate, when game machines with three drums were the most popular, and gambling games for 3 drums were the best kind of entertainment. Currently, every online casino offers 3 drum slots that are free, but you can also play for real money. Find out more about how to play a 3-reel slot.

3-reel slot machines: history

When it comes to casino games, there are few such exciting games like game machines. The machines are the quintessence of what the casino can offer players, and 3 drum machines online for years have become unflagging popularity. Automatic machines with 3 drums online

They are attractive to players at all levels, because they constitute a more ever-bearing slot machines in which drums and symbols are not as important as special functions and bonuses. In addition, this 3-drum machines appeared in many films in the form of machines with a lever, which was then called "one-armed bandits".

3 drum machines for money
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Although it is not a clear end when the first 3 drum machines for money were created, the emergence of slots is attributed to Charles Fey from San Francisco in the United States. Most historians suggest that the first 3 drum machines were created at the end of the 1980s and these simple slots for 3 drums helped to change the way people approached gambling games. The base of the game known today as a one-side bandit with 3 drums is a machine consisting of three drums on which there were five different symbols. The first symbols used, which from now on are always associated with classic slot machines are: horseshoe, diamond, heart, ringtone or happy seven.

Machines with 3 Drums Online: Advantages

Each player who decides to play in 3 slots lines should remember their disadvantages and advantages not to disappoint the result of the game. The first important advantage of the casino 3 Lines Slots is their level of variation. Volatility refers to the risk that is undertaken by playing machines. It is expressed as low, medium or high, and many factors affect its level. The most important of them is the number of available symbols in the machine, the number of rows and drums. The greater their number - the higher the risk. It is true that high volatility volatiles have more withdrawals, but the winnings happen much less frequently. 3 reel online machines are less unstable because they have only three drums and several symbols that are usually not more than ten.

Another advantage that gambling games with 3 online drummers are simplicity.

3 Drum machines Online are much simpler than 5-rollers. They have simple mechanisms and do not contain additional symbols such as Wild, Scatter, free spins, multipliers and bonus rounds. In the variant with 3 slots lines, just match three same symbols. It is usually only one payline, which is a simple horizontal line from the first roll to the last. Because there is only one payout line, understanding how to play 3 reel online machines and win, it is easy.

Each 3 reel online casino machines is also characterized by a higher frequency of winnings. The reason for this is the fact that on 3 slots lines in the casino is usually only one payline.

3-reel online machines: Disadvantages

For some, what is considered to be the advantage of 3-drum machines by others is treated as their defect. An example may be previously mentioned simplicity - for many it is a big game of a given game, but others used to expect for vending machines. Some players prefer vending machines with a modern climate, which is in vain to look for machines with three drums. 3-drum machines often use only classic symbols, such as fruits, happy seven and card colors. 5-drum slots are extremely extensive, and are also inspired by motifs based on films, cartoons or characters known to people. In addition, modern machines often have a 3D version which means that the graphics of the game looks extremely realistically and can offer almost cinema impressions before starting the game.

Another disadvantage of vending machines with three drums is their low payout amounts. Despite the fact that they are relatively more frequently than for machines with more drums, even the prize offered by the best 3 reel online machines can not match the winnings that offer, for example, 5-drum machines. In addition, vending machines with three drums do not have additional functions and bonus symbols that significantly increase satisfaction from the game and affect the size of withdrawals. In addition, games for 3-drum machines sooner or later can become boring for someone who will play a lot of lots. Finally, these classic machines do not have any special functions that provide emotions and build an atmosphere in the game, so everything starts and ends on a wheel rotation. After some time, this can happen very tiring.

Free 3-drum machines for online games

All fans of free games for machines will enjoy the fact that many casinos offers free 3-reel online games machines, where you can check if the game on classic machines are something that is worth investing your money. The free game in 3-drum machines is very simple. In most casinos, you do not even have to register and set your account to start a game. Just choose the game from the directory, click the demo mode and start fun. From what titles it is worth starting an adventure with these classic automatons? The most popular are games such as: Mega Joker, Fire Joker, Wheel of Wealth, Triple Diamond, Break Da Bank, Bar Bar Blacksheep or Double Triple Chance.