5-drum machines: Complete guide

Many players considers 3 drum automatically for too old-fashioned and instead prefer to play slots that have a variety of payout lines and an extensive 5-drum system. Thanks to this, playing in Slots in online casino, they can play on machines having not only more comprehensive drums, but also various additional functions that offer only machine bandits with 5 reels. Find out how to choose the best 5-reel vending machine for money and how to find free gambling games available on modern automatons.

How do 5-drum machines work?

5-drum machines are the most popular types of gambling games available both in terrestrial casinos and online casinos, which are often in their catalog thousands of single-player bandits with 5 drums. The basic principle of operation, which is characterized by machines with 5 online drums is similar to vending machines with three drums. The goal of the game is to arrange a winning combination consisting of appropriate symbols arranged on the withdrawal line. However, while the basic mechanic of the machine operation remains almost the same, 5 reel online machines provide an exceptional diversity of topics and greater complexity of the game.

5 Drum machines for money
Cyrus the Virus Nitro
up to 25 free spins
Arabian Caravan Calo
up to 100 free spins
Barber Shop Nitro
€ 10 + 20 free spiny
Beach Party 22 bet
2x bonus + € 10
Black Hawk Wild Fortune
X2 bonus + 20 free spins
Cosmic Fortune Calo
X3 bonus + 15 free spiny
Dazzle Me Nitro
X5 bonus + 10 free spins

How to play 5-reel online machines? At the beginning, the player betts a bet on all or the paying lines chosen by him, and then clicking SPIN, and turns the drums. The fact that symbols will be drawn on selected lines will affect the final win in 5 Slots lines. If three or more matching symbols will appear in order from left to right on active lines, the player receives a win according to fixed rates. This is the basic model of the game in the 5-reel online casino machines, but more and more modern machines surprise an innovative approach to classic principles.

5-drum machines for money: Advantages

What makes 5-drum machines better than machines with three drums? First of all, 5 drum machines for the game have two drums more. Additional drums mean additional symbols, and additional symbols give a real possibility of creating more winning combinations. In addition, the number of output lines, which are characterized by 5-drum machines for money significantly exceed those with a smaller amount of rollers. This means that the more a withdrawal line, the greater the chances of winning.

Gambling games with 5 online drums also offer players a larger selection of betting options, enabling not only to change the value of the coins between wide parameters, but also the level of the plant, which gives the chance to bet on higher plants for turnover. While lower levels of plants for 3-drum products can appoint a beginner, the flexibility of the bets offered by 5-reel online machines satisfy both beginners and advanced users, which is why their offer is attractive to a larger group of recipients. In addition, the 5-drum machines for money also contain many additional functions, thanks to which the game is more exciting.

5 drum machines for the game: additional functions

5-drum machines online are famous for mixing motifs and exciting functions. You can find a game with almost any motif, and when it comes to available functions, the imagination of developers does not know borders. There is a long list of additives that can be found in thousands of online slot machines:

  • Wild symbol - a special symbol that most often come across a casino 5 slots lines, is a wild symbol. This is a symbol that can take a form of any icon to help you create a winning combination in the game. Wild symbols can also create your own patterns with increased payment.
  • SCATTER Symbol - Another special type of symbols often found in 5 Lines Slots in the casino is a scattering symbol. Scatter symbols do not have to be in a line to generate a payment. In most cases, three or more disperses anywhere on the screen and causes payment based on the amount of the total establishment. In addition, drawing a minimum of three dispersion symbols can lead to the start of additional games and bonus functions.
  • Bonus games - this is a kind of bonus games that are started via Scatter symbols. These symbols do not have to be drawn on the withdrawal line to run this additional function. Bonus games can have many shapes, but usually have very simple rules and are often the so-called Mini-game.
  • Free turnover - Slots for 5 drums offer a Free Spins function that you can run the required symbols, usually three or more scatter symbols. After switching on the bonus round, free spins allow you to play subsequent rounds without deducting money from the deposit balance in the game. Winnings are added to the sum of prizes at the end of this particular game mode.
  • Additions - if you like to play 5 Slots lines, you can expect a lot of additional and often surprising functions, some of which may seem quite complicated. Details are usually presented in the game information and you can all check them before starting betting.

How to play free games on online machines with 5 drums

Free 5 drum machines for online games are practically available in all online casinos and allow free and unlimited game. GOing free games on online machines with 5 drums allows you to test new titles and choose what is the best 5 reel online machines, which is worth putting money. How to run a free, demonstration version of the game for a machine with five drums? Just go to the game catalog in your favorite online casino, search for a game department for machines, find an interesting title and click Demo game. Typically, the casino do not require account registration on the site, making the game available immediately.

From what games is it worth starting an adventure with freeways with 5 drums? The most-chosen games by users online casinos include: Starburst, Gonzo's Quest, Avalon II, Book of Ra: Deluxe, Immortal Romance, Captain America and Gladiator. Of course, using the FREE GIER mode, the number of titles played is unlimited depends only on the player.