Online casino games on whom you can earn real money

The games available mostly casinos are commonly called Casino games. In the casino game, players risk casino tokens for various possible accidental results or combinations of results. Internet games for money are also available in online casinos, as far as the right of a given country allows the existence of online casino games. The most popular games are: online roulette, poker, blackjack!

Types of online casino games

There are three general categories gambling for money: table games, electronic game machines and random games with random numbers, such as Keno, Zdrapki online, bones.

Game machines are usually played by one player at once and do not require the involvement of casino employees. Online casino games random numerical are based on selection of random numbers, or from a computerized random number generator, or from other games for games.

Random games can be played at a table, such as roulette, or by purchasing paper tickets or cards, such as Keno or Bingo.

Most players playing online gambling for real money because profit in such is much larger than in free versions. More specifically, in free versions you can not receive cash prizes!

Gambling on online money
Casino Bonus Payment time Rating Payment Review
AUD 500 Payment time 0-24 hours
500% up to AUD 2,500 Payment time 0-24 hours
100% to 400 AUD Payment time up to 24 hours
100% do € 120 Payment time up to 24 hours
Bonus up to AUD 2000 Payment time 24 hours
100% do € 100 Payment time up to 24 hours
Bonus 2000 AUD. Payment time up to 48 hours
Bonus 3000 AUD. Payment time 12-24 hours

Table game as a form of a casino game

The table game is a deadline used to distinguish the game in a random casino, such as Blackjack, bones, Roulette and Baccarat, which are played on the table and supported by one or more live dealers, such as the dealer or poker dealer, from those performed on a mechanical device such as a machine.

They are popularly played in casinos and engage some of the forms of legal gambling, but they are also played privately through different rules of the house.

This term is important because some jurisdictions allow casinos to have only vending machines and table games. In some states, this right caused the casino to use electronic table games such as roulette, blackjack and bones. These online casino games really like most players because they are simple but very interesting and constantly arouse interest in them!

Additional chances of winning the jackpot provide tournaments in which registered customers are involved. To win the casino games, you must log in to your account and make real plants in specific casino games for real money. The player who gathered the most victories wins. Free spins and real prizes are drawn in tournaments. To take part in lottery, you must get a ticket, complementing your account. Lotto participants have a chance to win hundreds of thousands of hryvnia without performing any action.

Unbelievable game as a form of playing casino

Popular Unbelievable games:

  • Game machines
  • Video poker
  • Random numbers
  • Bingo
  • Keno
  • pachinko
  • Automatic
  • Video Lottery Terminal

Online casino games usually provide predictable long-term benefits for casinos or "home", offering players the possibility of short-term profit, which in some cases can be large. Some casino games have an element of skills in which players' decisions affect the results.

GOers with sufficient skills to eliminate the congenital long-term disadvantage (casino or vigor advantage) in online casino games, are described as advantage players.

Many advantages of the casino game are well known to everyone, which is why popularizing this type of entertainment was not long-awaited. In addition, the general availability of modern gambling on money directly online played an important role. Due to the fact that the casino games offer many advantages today and you can use them without any obstacles, manufacturers of gambling software release new products of this sphere on a decent enviable scale. Again, demand creates a supply, and various patterns can be found within a variety of offers. Which of them deserve a priori attention? Regarding the choice of the best casino, the money game will be reasonable to rely on the experience of the audience: among all well-known slot machines are unanimous favorites who for some reason they won such a massive game.

Dead or Alive
European Adventure
Game of Thrones (15 Lines)
Hook’s Heroes
Hot as Hades

The principles of American Roulette as an example of a casino game

In the American roulette, typical of the GAMES casino, there are two "zero" (0, 00) and 36 non-zero numbers (18 red and 18 black). This leads to a higher casino advantage compared to the European Roulette. A chance of a player who bets 1 unit in red, wins 18/38, and his chances of losing 1 units are 20/38.

The expected player's value is EV = (18/38 x 1) + (20/38 x -1) = 18/38 - 20/38 = -2/38 = -5.26%. Therefore, the casino advantage is 5.26%. After 10 revolutions, betting 1 unit on Spin, the average house gain will amount to 10 x 1 x 5.26% = 0.53 units. European roulette wheels have only one "zero" and therefore the advantage of the casino (ignoring the prison principle EN) is 1/37 = 2.7%.

Advantage of online casino games

The advantage of casino in games varies very different depending on the casino game, and some games have an advantage of only 0.3%. Keno can even have a 25% casino advantage, and machines up to 15%. The calculation of roulette advantage was a trivial exercise; In the case of other games, it is usually that way. A combinatorial and / or computer simulation is necessary to perform the task.

In games with a skill element, such as Blackjack or Spanish 21, the advantage of the house is defined as the advantage of the house from the optimal game (without the use of advanced techniques, such as card counting) on the first hand of the shoe (container that holds the card).

A set of optimal games for all possible hands is known as "basic strategy" and is strongly dependent on specific principles and even the number of waist used. Good Blackjack and Spanish 21 games have an advantage of a casino below 0.5%.

Is this widespread information?

Traditionally, most Casino Games owners refused to disclose information about the edge of the house for their slot games, and because of the unknown number of symbols and weights of the drums, in most cases it is much more difficult to calculate the advantage of the casino than in other casinos of the game.

However, due to some online properties revealing this information and some independent research carried out by Michael Shackleford in the offline sector, this pattern is slowly changing.

Standard Deviation Casino Games

The coefficient of happiness in the casino game is quantified by means of standard deviations (SD). A standard deflection of a simple game, such as roulette, can be calculated using a degradation.

In the degradation of SD = SQRT (NPQ), where n = number of rounds played, p = probability of winning, and q = probability of loser. Binoma distribution assumes the result of 1 unit for winning and 0 units for losses, and not -1 units for losses, which doubles the range of possible results.

Probability of winning

In addition, if we bet on 10 units per round instead of 1 unit, the range of possible results increases 10 times.

SD (roulette, a plant equal to money) = 2b SQRT (NPQ), where b = Flat flat for round, n = number of rounds, p = 18/38 and q = 20/38.

For example, after 10 rounds at 1 round unit, the standard deviation will amount to 2 x 1 x SQRT (10 x 18/38 x 20/38) = 3.16 units. After 10 rounds, the expected loss will amount to 10 x 1 x 5.26% = 0.53. As you can see, the standard deviation is many times higher than the expected loss.

Casino online game - Poker

Standard deviation for Pai Gow poker is the lowest among all popular casinos. Many casino games, especially slots, has extremely high standard deviations. The greater the size of potential payouts, the greater the standard deviation.

As the number of rounds increases, the expected loss will exceed the standard deviation, many times. The pattern can be seen that the standard deviation is proportional to the square element of the number of played rounds, while the expected loss is proportional to the number of rounds played.