What are multipliers in online machines?

If you're a fan of the bandit single-hand game, try these slots that are equipped with multipliers in online machines. The multiplier function is usually associated with a large win symbol, and they have a games for games are eagerly chosen by players. Multiplents in online machines, as the name suggests, are unique functions in automatons that have the ability to multiply the amount of winning by a specific, set by the casino or developer, number.

Although they are very common and liked among players, they do not occur in all machines. Machines with a multiplier symbol are aimed at doubling, tripling and even increasing the winnings 100-fold or 1000 times. What's more, some online machines with a multiplier function can have simple rules on their operation, while others can be slightly more complex. There are several types of multipliers that can be encountered only during the normal one-armed bandit from the multiplier, while others appear only during free spins or bonus rounds.

Machines online with a multiplier function
Jumanji Slot Nitro
do €50 Bonus
Highway To Hell Casino Euro
up to 30 free spins
Fruit Mania Boomerang
up to 101 free spins
Book of Ra 6 Betsafe
50 Free spins
Book of Dead National
up to 100 free spins
Just Jewels Casino Euro
up to 50 free spins

How do vending machines work with a multiplier symbol?

Some multipliers in online automatons will only multiply winnings, while others can work on betting on a specific line or all bets. Each game has detailed information on using these symbols, which is why it is important to understand what type occurs in the current game. All needed information on multipliers can be found in the payout tables into anyone to which the link is in each machine.

Developers diversify their vending machines with additional multipliers, because they significantly increase the chances of players to win large victories. This game function is also quite easy to understand, which causes players to control the height of their win on an ongoing basis. On the other hand, building multipliers in online machines is a challenge for programmers, because they have to balance the provision of high won potential with the risk they are exposed to online casinos.

Multipliers increase plants, winnings from the line and total winnings and affect the size of the final winnings. The following example shows the operation of the multiplier in detail:

  1. The player betts a $ 1 bet and starts the machine.
  2. During the game, a bonus round with free spins is started.
  3. During a bonus round with free revolutions, the X5 multiplier is also activated.
  4. During the entire bonus game, the player wins a total of $ 5.
  5. The X5 multiplier is then applied to the winning bonus, increasing the total win to $ 25.

Online machines with multiplier function: types of multipliers

When playing engines with a multiplier symbol, various types can be encountered. The first one is multipliers in the basic game. Despite the fact that the most common multipliers are in bonus rounds, there are machines of one-armed bandit with the symbol of the online multiplier also in basic games. Multiplier usually multiplies the won with a payline, so after winning five symbols and a 5-fold multiplier, you can win a 5-fold ordinary amount that would normally win five symbols.

The multipliers of free spins (Free Spins) occur much more often than multipliers in basic games. Many vending machines want to make free spins have a different character than an ordinary game, so beyond the offer of free turnover players, add a multiplier to them. Some machines can ask for a multiplier from hidden icons. This gives you a chance to get really big bonuses and allows the player a sense of interaction with a vending machine and the result of his game. Multiplents of free spins usually increase all the winnings in the round with a certain number (eg x2, x10).

Multiplents in Wild symbols are another of the interesting ideas of developers for diversifying the game. In addition to the Wild Symbol replaces another any symbol on the line, allowing you to create a winning combination, it can be provided with a multiplier that will enlarge the winning value for a specific number of times. Similarly, multipliers that activate after drawing a specific amount of Scatter symbols. In most cases, the scattering symbol does not have to be on the withdrawal line and may land anywhere on rollers to run a multiplier.

Other multipliers in online machines

While the standard multiplier symbol multiply winning on the payment line, there are types of multipliers that work for some other rules. Some multipliers increase a linear bet, while others increase the integer plant, and for machines that support multiple paylines, it is important to understand this difference well. All online machines contain a desktop table that defines the principles and winning combinations and you should look for information about the multiplier type in the selected machine. Multiplents that increase the bet on the payment line can multiply a rate, not the entire winning amount. It may seem that it does not matter much, but if you take into account that the win can sometimes be lower than the initial bet, everything becomes clear.

Less frequently encountered multipliers are progressive multipliers that occur in such machines such as Gonzo's Quest and display the progressive value of the multiplier on the screen. The multiplier counter increases by 1x, 2x, 3x and so on each win. The value of the multiplier resets when spin losers. These multipliers can also be obtained using meters that are filled when there are more wins.