Australian casino accepts Jeton

Why should they look for a casino that accepts a deposit through Jeton? We are already responsible: Because it's fast and free transfers that will make you stay from the Casino Jet for longer!

Jeton is a form of payment, which has already loved over half a million users in Australia and in the world. This prepaid card, which, how to convince her creators, can you pay everywhere and around the world. You can also pay funds in Australian and foreign ATMs.

Casino Bonus Payment time Rating Payment Review
100% do € 120 Payment time up to 24 hours
€ 1000 Payment time up to 24 hours
€100 Payment time 0-1 hours

What is her advantage and why would you change your standard method of payment to the Jeton? First of all, because this is a very safe method, because thanks to its payment in your payments you can avoid serving online data of your bank or debit card numbers when shopping on the web.

Jeton Casino - Is this an option for me?

To get to know this question, you must answer what is the most important thing for you when paying on the Internet and how much you risk / you lose, paying your main credit / debit card / bank transfer. If you have the safety of your money, and you want to pay on the internet on pages that sometimes seem suspicious, Jeton is a method for you.

Numerous methods to secure your confidential data introduced by engineers from Jeton and the fact that you do not have to leave your bank information on the pages you buy, constitute a huge advantage of this e-portfolio on paying your standard payment card. Especially in the case when your main / only account card on which you keep all your savings. You certainly would not want information from it to hit unauthorized hands.

Jeton also has an important advantage over a standard bank transfer, which is a slightly more reliable option than the card. Cash sent by bank transfer must be booked by both banks, which often occupies at least two business days. Money paid with jeton is accountedly booked, so you can use them right away. Read about the advantages and disadvantages of this system in the next paragraph.

Casino Deposit by Jeton - Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Comfort: Payments by Jeton are instant, which means that you will be able to start playing in a selected casino right away!
  • Simplicity: Product very easy to use
  • Full protection of your data thanks to the four ways to which Jeton protects your confidential information
  • Privacy: Payments by Jeton are almost anonymous, so you do not have to be afraid that someone has been unauthorized to know what you spend money on the internet
  • 24-hour technical support at your disposal


  • This is another account at the next portal that you will have to set up and go through the entire new user registration process. And despite the fact that the process takes on average only a few minutes, it can be a sufficient reason to discourage you

Does any internet casino accept Jeton?

The answer is simple: maybe not any existing casino, but most of them. Why? Because for their clients it is a very convenient and quick way to make a deposit, and for happiness, the most depends on the cases. Thanks to this method, they can even reach users who are afraid of giving data on their credit or debit cards on online casino websites, do not want to open a new bank account only to play gambling online games. However, the availability of this method makes no resistance before this.

What else does the casino work with Jeton? Over half a million their customers testify to the fact that Internet users really needed a faster and safer payment method in the network than classic bank transfers. Whatever happened to their decision, the casino must respect her and adapt to the needs of their clients.

A big is the confidentiality of the transaction that carries a Jetholder on the Internet. Nobody needs to know about where she leaves her money. For many gambling this is a stripper theme, as much as money leaves in casinos or, on the contrary, they do not want to reveal anything but and where they earned / won. And online casinos understand this need and therefore try to provide their users with full discretion. If you do not help them if they do not have to accept him?

How to start playing the casino from Jeton?

To start using Jeton, just go through a few very simple steps:

Step 1

Select the value of the Jet card you want to buy - you can choose from € 10 to € 250.

Step 2

Look for an authorized card dealer and submit your order.

Step 3

Create an account on To register your card. What data will you have to give?

  • first name and last name
  • Date of birth (to confirm that you are full age)
  • Address e-mail
  • Password and
  • Phone number

Step 4

Confirm e-mail and subject to the verification process, carried out by Jeton employees. What are they verify? First of all, you gave correct information and you are the same person for which you are given. How does it look like? All you have to do is deliver them a scan of a suitable identity document, e.g. a personal ID card, a passport or another that will confirm your identity.

Step 5

Wait for the results of the verification of your new account.

Step 6

Start using your card for secure online payments. Without worried about identity or data from your card. Good luck!