Casino accepts Klarna 2022

Clarna Casino is nothing but a clarna service for the use of online casino market. This is the flagship product of the Swedish Bank Clarna Bank AB, which you could hear in the context of another service that they offer in many countries - "Buy now, pay later". Founded in 2005, the Bank thanks to the innovation and efficiency of services offered quickly scored many faithful clients.

Z produktów finansowych Klarna skorzystano już w ponad 80 milionach transakcji na całym świecie! Codziennie księguje się ich średnio milion, a z usług firmy korzysta ponad 190 tys. sprzedawców. W tym największe globalne marki takie jak Adidas, H& M czy Nike. Nic dziwnego, że przejęli oni 10% rynku e-commerce w całej Północnej Europie.

Casino Bonus Payment time Rating Payment Review
100% to 400 AUD Payment time up to 24 hours
AUD 500 Payment time 0-24 hours
500% up to AUD 2,500 Payment time 0-24 hours
Bonus 2000 AUD. Payment time up to 48 hours
100% do € 120 Payment time up to 24 hours

Regarding financial services themselves, this modernity has influenced global successful success and caused Marek to become popular around the world. The largest and groundbreaking product was the above-mentioned product that allowed customers making purchases with a deferred payment, and at the same time he took off the risk of unpaid purchases from sellers. However, in this article, we will focus on another service that Clarna has revolutionized the online casino industry.

Clarna casino payment

Unfortunately, if you have hoping for a clarified service "GO now, pay later", you will be disappointed. Such a disaster (or fortunately, for some notorious gamblers!) Not yet created. In the world of online casinos, Clarna offers its users very fast and extremely safe internet transfers. How exactly do they work?

First of all, clarna never gives your personal data on the casino pages, which translates into a hundred percent discretion on your expenses. The payment process is instant and very simple, thanks to which you will be able to play in your chosen games properly immediately.

Otherwise, the case would be, if you would like to carry out the same transaction using a traditional transfer ordered from my bank. In the majority of online casinos, in this case you would have to wait until your bank will send a transfer (depending on the bank it can be immediately or on the next business day), and the casino will receive it and postponements in their registers (usually from one to a few days). This is not even taking into account the entire uncomfortable choice of such a solution - seeking the Casino bank account number, typing the amount of transaction or the correct transfer title, which, if you are incorrect, extend the entire deliberately process.

Certainly it's better to leave this when you choose a payment intermediary. Why would this not be a clarna this time?

How to order payment by Klarna Polska?

Although their website does not have a Australian translation, in nothing to prevent us from using their services. Transfer through their service you will go straight from your online casino website. All you need to do is choose from the list of "Clarna" from the list of deposit and you will follow the very uncomplicated instructions on the screen.

The scheme of such payments can already be known from the past when you used brokerage in online transactions such sites as transfers24, dotpay or trustly. Clarna will take you to the login page to your bank and from then on everything will be already familiar, such as when sending a traditional transfer. With this difference that your personal data will not get out of the clarna system, which means that the casino website will not be transferred.

Does my casino accept Clarna?

Whether your casino accepts Clarna, you will know quite quickly, studying a list of available payment methods closely. You can find it on two ways:

  • Directly when attempting to pay a deposit, scanning the available options - if your casino works with the Clarna service, this option should appear more or less where all similar services, i.e. between the names such as Przelewy24 or Trustly
  • In the payment tab, if it exists or in FAQ (frequently asked questions), in the section called "payment", "deposit" or "payment". There, usually the casino will specify all accepted methods of deposit payment, which will allow you to get rid of any doubts.

Which Clarna Australian Casino Try if your favorite does not offer this payment method?

It is difficult to advise us on this matter because the choice of your favorite online casino is a very individual matter and depends on the personal preferences of each player. However, we can tell you which Australian online casino accepts this way of deposit payment to you with this information could check their offer, reviews on recognized and reliable industry portals and other factors for you.

A list of casinos that accept the payment method, which is Calm:

  1. Malina Casino.
  2. Mount Casino
  3. Cadola Casino.

What else do I need to know about Clarna?

Clarna can sometimes use Sofort's replacement name, which by 2014 was a separate service, made available by a completely different intermediary. In the aforementioned year, the company bought that product and became a stronger player on the financial mediation market. Therefore, keep in mind if you see at the Sofort casino, it's nothing but a clarna.