Payment methods in Neosurf Online Casino

Internet casino They are developing from day to day, they offer new games, new bonuses and of course new payment methods. One of the popular methods of deposits in online casinos are prepaid cards / prepaid cards that enable convenient transfer to our casino account. One of the companies producing such cards is Neosurf.

Casino Bonus Payment time Rating Payment Review
100% do € 120 Payment time up to 24 hours
€ 1000 Payment time up to 24 hours
€ 2000 Bonus Payment time 0-1 hours
€450 Payment time up to 24 hours
€ 200 + 200 FS Payment time up to 48 hours

Prepaid cards

In online cases, we will also be able to make a deposit or withdrawal of resources with the following methods: debit / credit cards, bank transfers, e-portfoli, cryptowalut and many less popular methods. They differ in the time of the order, the minimum and maximum amount of transaction or the transaction process itself. Of course, each player should choose the best method of sending funds for himself, but also consider Neosurf online Casino.

Prepaid cards are becoming more and more popular among players online casinos around the world. This is certainly a very convenient method. Online casinos see the potential of this method, which is why more and more online casinos allows a deposit using a prepaid card. It also allows you to do and Neteller.

Most of the available cards on the market are anonymous, which means you do not have to provide any personal data to make a deposit. Of course, these data are required when registering on the page of a given casino, but when choosing a payment method you do not have to worry about adding additional information. The amount you bought along with the prepaid card is not combined with any bank account or e-wallets. Some casinos try to encourage players to try this method by offering additional bonuses when the player will use the prepaid card. Jack million casino Accepts this payment system.

Types of pre-paid cards

The most important types of prepaid cards that we can use in the online casino can include: top-up cards, disposable cards and virtual cards.

The first type of cards means that after the available funds are issued, we can re-recharge. These types of cards work practically in the same way as debit cards, with a small difference - this type of card can be topped up in several ways (cash, direct transfer). However, it should be remembered that not all cards after purchase are ready for use. Depending on the manufacturer, you sometimes require the transition of several steps to activate the card.

The second type of pre-paid cards are these one-off. As the name suggests this type of card, we can use once. It also happens that such a card may have a validity date, what should be paid to before buying.

Is a deposit free?

The deposit itself is free, but often using some methods we will have to pay a tax on these funds. In the case of prepaid cards, the casino part takes a tax that largely depends on the selected manufacturer and the type of card. Therefore, before making a purchase, it is worth getting acquainted with both the casino regulations and properties of the purchased card. It should also be remembered that paying money using pre-paid cards is often impossible.

How fast can I top up my account using Neosurf?

Using pre-paid cards in most cases, money will immediately go to your account. This feature of these cards and high anonymity affect the popularity of this method among players.

What is Neusurf?

This is a fast and secure method of transferring funds from your account. This is a very popular method especially in France, where you pay with Neosurf for services and online shopping. Neosurf offers prepaid cards that must be ordered and payable, and then you can use them to make a casino online deposit. Neosurf Online Casino becomes more and more popular on the market.

Unfortunately, this payment system is currently not available in Australia. GOers from the following countries can consider using this way: Switzerland, France, Spain, Italy, Andorra, Belgium as well as France Territories outside the continent and some countries from Africa. However, in other countries - Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Ireland, Australia or UK, you can find stores that offer prepaid cards from Neosurf.

Is it worth using Neosurf?

Thanks to the prepaid tab, you can have better control over your funds, because you do not spend more than you have on a pre-paid card. In addition, you do not have to worry about the safety of your measures, thanks to very good security systems.

Remember to play responsibly

Responsible gameplay is a really wide concept that binds several rights and requirements that bind internet casinos and require them to preserve the highest standards. And all this so that users feel safe and to minimize the potentially negative impact of gambling on players. Of course, there are addiction to gambling and this goal was created a deadline for responsible game and assistance to such persons. Of course, if you are afraid of your funds and health, you can always play in the online casino for free.