GO casino from Revolut 2022

What does revolut casino means? Nothing other than the fact that you will make a payment of a revolution account and say goodbye to your bank's commissions for payment to the online casino once and for all!

As a result, Revolut is an innovative overpaid multiple card, thanks to which you can withdraw money in a local currency in ATMs around the world, without the need to have an account in each of these currencies. This means that you can own only one bill, eg in zlotys, but pay in dollars, rubles or yeny without any commission for such transactions.

Casino Bonus Payment time Rating Payment Review
AUD 500 Payment time 0-24 hours
100% to 400 AUD Payment time up to 24 hours
10% PREMII CASHBACK Payment time up to 24 hours
100% do € 120 Payment time up to 24 hours
€300 + 125 FS Payment time 1 hour

Revolut also means the end of the cost of currency exchange. At least to a certain amount of these transactions. His creators do not recognize the boundaries between states and allow you to allow you to pay abroad and shopping on foreign websites. And all this in over 150 currencies, without hidden costs and additional conditions in a small print! In addition, you can use the services of free foreign transfers in 30 different currencies (up to AUD 20,000, above this sum will be charged for a commission from each transaction 0.5%).

Which casino accepts Revolution?

Fast search in Googlu phrases such as Revolution Casino or Casino Deposit by Revolut should bring you to answer this question, but it is not always going on. So how to be sure that the casino chosen by you accepts payments sent from the revolution account?

It's easy! By using the card you can order to your revolution account, you pay it in every casino just as you pay any other Visa or Mastercard debit card. How do you get such a card? You can order a virtual card (free that you will have available by the application) or physical (for a home address, you will have to pay for it, but due to the lack of commissions, this expenditure will quickly return to you).

In the casino you will choose the option to pay card and ready!

How to set up an account and play casino from Revolut?

Nothing easier! You can open your account in a few minutes. In addition, without leaving the house, just a cell phone and internet connection. What elevations do you need to meet to be able to open an account?

  • To set up an account in Revolution, you need a smartphone with Android 5.0 or newer or iOS 10.3 or newer, with a screen size not less than 3.5 inches. This is required because the account handles on the phone, there is no access from a computer or tablet (except only an iPad).
  • You may be asked to verify your account by sending appropriate documents. Because the entire process of setting up the account takes place remotely, such verification is a prerequisite for the bank to be sure that you are that you are for whom you give and that your data is true.

Subsequent steps to start paying a deposit in Revolut Casino

  • Download the Revolution app from the GO or App Store
  • Put your account in it, enter your correct data, determine PIN and follow the application instructions
  • When you have already assigned your account, top up your account from your credit / debit card or standard bank transfer. In revolution, you can only rotate with the money you have previously paid, there is no possibility of taking debt.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Remember that the bank account or account (in cases of transfer option) were on your name and the same address on which you set up your revolution. If so there will not be, the bank can send back money and, worse, put a handling fee to you. In the case of sending a transfer, make sure that your bank in Australia does not charge for such a transaction of an additional fee.

  • Now all you have to do is choose your new favorite revolution online casino from the list of those accepting your VISA or Mastercard card and pay your deposit with this method. Everything is ready!

What else does a revolution account do?

For example, that you can send money to a friend using one click on your phone, even if you do not know its account number. All you need is its phone number. You can also send it a request to transfer a specific sum to your account if, for example, you hang money. Of course, assuming that you both use Revoluta.

What else will you be able to forget about using this account? For example, to pay a subscription for your phone or about rent. If you set the option correctly in your application, Revolut will send money every month for you. At home, you can also leave a note with a phone number that you will need in the case of the cards of the card and attempts to be reserved. In the Revolution cellphone, you will do it within a few seconds.

On the Revolution account you can have over 30 currencies, also cryptoped! You can exchange them, hold and send, but only as part of the Revolution platform, i.e. rotate them on your account or transfer Revolution users to your accounts. However, it is impossible to send them to other accounts. For example, a casino account. A pity. However, Revoluta confirms, however, that they work to make this option available in the near future.