Highway To Hell

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Highway to Hell - Slot full of adrenaline

"Highway to Hell" or Highway to Hell Slot Wealthy follows the road 666, the way you need a cloit and where drivers can not always be what they seem. Do you dare to set off in this dark and depraved journey? For those who risk the best offers in Internet casino They can be offered in this internet video game.

GO "Hell"

This game is not for those who like sophisticated and classic Online automata video, because the overall mood of Highway to Hell Slot is simply underneath. Thanks to climatic and fiery red sky, there is no doubt that this is not a route for people with weak nerves, and the rotated symbols will confirm.

In addition to letters depicting high-value games, you will find traces of a red-haired woman pumping gasoline or a bike beast that will challenge you. Also pay attention to Road Signs 666, as well as for a powerful Juggernaut, which runs along the track.

A highway to hell will allow you to face the toughest truck drivers on the road, along with a demonic red-haired woman. Keep peace and do not scatter if you do not want to disappear on the 666 route!

Fight with drivers of trucks

When you are ready to face your opponent, click the middle button to turn the drums, but do not forget to set the plants of the plant before doing this. HiGHWAY Game to Hell Slot is played on five drums, but there are only five winning lines, much smaller than many other video games on the market.

You can play from 1 coins up to 1000 coins on spin, but you can not change the values of any coin. The amount you decide to bet, changes the paid lines that unlock to the game, so the more you bet, the more winnings you have a chance to win. If you decide for a longer session, you can use the AUTO PLAY function.

Not all WAZDAN games contain this function, so it is a luxury for the hell highway. This allows you to sit down and relax while the game turns the drums, without having to click each time you want to play.

Report your bonus

There is no distraction or free spins in Highway to Hell Slot, but it does not mean that there are no special functions or bonuses. You will still benefit from a wild symbol that represents a large truck. This can replace any other symbol and increase the possibility of a combination of a winning combination.

In addition to this high payment, in Highway to Hell Slot there is a special bonus function that activates when you turn columns matching player card symbols. Set 3, 4 or 5 to win multipliers of X3, X4 or X5 - this is not easy to achieve, but if you do, you can increase your winnings.