Magic Fruits

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How to earn on Magic Fruits?

The Magic Fruits Slot Machine system is very easy to navigate, with all the information you need to play, easily accessible or on the main screen, or in a wage table available above the drums. The control panel offers many ways to customize the game to the preferences of the players, from the automatic game setting, to adjust the batch levels between the maximum 100 coins plant and the low limit of the bet 0,10 coins.

There is also one of the more unique factory controls, variation control, thanks to which players can use low, medium or high variance settings for each of their turnover.

The Magic Fruits Slot game background is a living 3D graphics display, containing magic vines and perfectly ripe fruits, while the wage table contains a lot of fruit, symbols 7 and symbols of ringtones that could easily belong to the nostalgic machine. Bold, eye-catching design Magic Fruits Slot Machine is just the first tip of great things that await the offer.

6 simplified fruit symbols, a ringing symbol and a red symbol 7 in the wage table are in Magic Fruits divided into two categories, with half symbols providing 800 coins for a high limit bet, and half offers an increase in withdrawal by 1600 coins.

However, there is another addition that can increase the player's balance thanks to an impressive 4000 coins. Joker symbols are fun incorporating and a great way to get huge winnings. Instead of having your own symbol, the jokers accidentally attach to other symbols, allowing fruit to do all the work when they sit down and rest.

Graphic design of Magic Fruits

For this reason, any combination of symbols that have added Joker symbol can be used to create a win line.

Each won in Magic Fruits Slot can be used to access the gambling function, regardless of the value that has been earned, becoming a rate that is used. The game function can be played up to 7 times in a row, and players must select 1 of 2 fruits that appear in the mini game. Only 1 fruit doubles the player's rate, and the second fruit will keep the rate for yourself before suddenly explode.